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*** Correction ***

At a late notice , the second set is now back on for Dieletric Octopus, it’s happening in one hours time at M2D in Second Life !!!

Finally got round to adding the streams back on the front page. Due to the technical hitches with the Shoucast premium package, I resorted to using a reverse proxy to deliver the streams via SSL, to avoid the security warnings on internet browsers.

They are also delivered to you via Cloudflare, for improved performance, and enhanced security. However, if you wish to put these streams in Second Life, then please head over to the artist page, and use those links instead. SSL is not supported 100 percent in Second Life when it comes to music streams.

Please be aware, this new addition is the beta phase, so you might come across some bugs. Please use the contact area, to contact us, if you encounter any issues.

Also, if you need to get hold of us here, I have now added more contact details, which you can find on the menu.


Okies people the event is today, so it’s time to prepare, at 8am SLT, Dj Stormy Whisper sets the event off, you can join us at the following link…

Great collection of DJ’s coming your way on the 7th of November at Velvet Underground. Bella Nova will also be playing here, be sure to check this out.

Friday @ Necrotize
What? Music - Magic - Industrial/Witchhouse/Cyberpunk/Garage/DNB set by ColeMarie Soleil @ Necrotize (A Cyber Horror Halloween Event) When? Friday, November 6th Two set times: 2-4 pm SLT 7-9 pm SLT ...

Colemarie Soleil has got another legendary event coming up. The last one I went to was absolutely mind blowing, and I am pretty damn excited for this one too. Will update with further details nearer the time.

Bella Nova is back in action at SILQ, on the 22nd , at 10am PDT (second life time) inside knowledge has come to me, saying that Bella’s set will be rated at 138BPM.

You better come prepared.

kaori is back in action this Friday, making her return to Peak Lounge, in Second Life. You can get a ride via this link. For future updates on kaori’s set’s then join her group [909-52-003] for all the information you need. We look forward to seeing you there.

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