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HellRoom Virtual Performance Space presents
Denard Henry aka The Sonic Architect

Jan 16, 2021 + 3p [NY Time] / 9p [Berlin Time]
2:45p stream starts / 3p performance

Direct entrance code:

Live from the Sonic Warriors Bunker” in Berlin, Germany, Denard Henry brings the dark beats and flow he is known for.

Be sure to clear out your PDF [personal dance floor] for this one. The Sonic Architect is building beats. You have been warned. 😉 Tell others… Your Taxi awaits you.

(event is being hosted at omni-random)

Get ready for a super nova coming up on the 15th of this very month.

Click this link for your ride to Cube24 🙂

(if I have configured the schedule right, you should get a popup on the site , when it happens. Fingers crossed)

Dielectric Octopus delivers another Korrosive set, volume 12 coming your way.Enjoy 🙂

You can find it here

Come discover the sounds of Aeryia (aerie.yiyuan)

Right now, at code openstage, no one else does it like Aeryia can !!!

Taxi <—- this is your ride !!!

A big thank you to Bella and Kaori of the Globalconnection for a mind-blowing event at Lagoa last night!!

And an incredible introduction to the sounds of Chanya and Trigs Toki The sim was absolutely packed to the brim, and ready to crash :O

It is an honour to be part of such an energetic and positive community filled with amazing talent, and people who know how to party hard!!!

Keep on raving!!!

Today there’s an amazing event going down at Lagoa SL, an impressive line up of DJ’s !!! Chanya, Bella , kaori !!! and the legendary Trigs Toki !!!

Doors open at 11:30am SLT (Second Life Time)

Le Grande (100,77,22) <—- Your taxi awaits you.

Dr Octopus is in action at the omni random sim right now, been live for over an hour now, but pretty sure this kraken based dj, has got a lot more to deliver !!

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