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We’re getting a lot of sweet people step up to the plate and help out the cause that is Globalconnection, and music in virtual worlds. We keep striving to bridge that gap to get ppl recognised in worlds outside of our virtual one, aka Second Life.

So much so, we now have two people taking care of social media duties (Flickr mostly)and graphic design!

Nellie Wilde is now responsible for the handling of artwork, and similar stuffs (well Nellie has just done things without me asking, and that is just awesome if you ask me)

Erin Eni, who already DJ’s for Globalconnection, has also wanted to help with social media management , which for now, is administration through Flickr.

I can’t thank you both enough for what you are doing behind the scenes 😀 A big big warm welcome to our latest support members, Nellie and Erin 🙂

It is like the old saying goes, you wait for a bus to come along, and then two come along at once. However, in this case, it is two new DJs for the Globalconnection.

They joined a week or two ago, so my apologies for the late announcement. Erin Eni just started out on their DJ’ing path and has already proven they have a deep passion for music, go check out Erin’s 1st mix on Mixcloud, which is also available via the releases page.

Utopia has also got a Mixcloud, and DJ’s as much as she can, laying down many different genres beat by beat. Thank you both, for dj’ing with the Globalconnection, it means so much to us.

Keep on Raving!!

A new contender steps up for Globalconnection. A big welcome to Nova Frost Von Strauss!! With 11 years of dj’ing experience and great passion under her belt, we are excited to have her on board.

Go check out her Mixcloud, and also her live shows via the front page, and of course in Second Life too.

Welcome, Nova 🙂

The Globalconnection Radio service is back, and better than ever before!!
Featuring mixes from every Globalconnection artist, and played 24/7 round the clock on the web, and in Second Life via the Globalconnection sim. You’ll find it just under the live streams. Now you got tuna to keep you going till the end of time(I think….)

New update to the globalconnection roster… I am excited to announce that Amy Orange has joined globalconnection as of today !!! Amy brings an exciting blend of electronic music that is sure to lift your spirits to a much higher level.

Amy it’s great to have you on board with us !!

Yours truly Hattori Hamzo, is gonna go live right now, do some freestyling, won’t be anything special, but if you is interested in me making a fool of myself, then hit the hamzo button on the right, going live real soon

We got a nice schedule added to the front page now !! Feedback is welcome as always. Over time the schedule will get busier, as our crew adapts to the new system, so keep an eye on it , just below the radio player.

As you can see, we have a couple already rocking it over the next couple of weeks ! Keep on partying people 🙂

Source image via used in good faith.

Finally got round to adding the streams back on the front page. Due to the technical hitches with the Shoucast premium package, I resorted to using a reverse proxy to deliver the streams via SSL, to avoid the security warnings on internet browsers.

They are also delivered to you via Cloudflare, for improved performance, and enhanced security. However, if you wish to put these streams in Second Life, then please head over to the artist page, and use those links instead. SSL is not supported 100 percent in Second Life when it comes to music streams.

Please be aware, this new addition is the beta phase, so you might come across some bugs. Please use the contact area, to contact us, if you encounter any issues.

Also, if you need to get hold of us here, I have now added more contact details, which you can find on the menu.


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