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Sounds Turner is spinning some tracks live at Omni Random !!

(Second Life Compliant viewer required)

Dielectric Octopus is live at Omni Random’s circle stage

And ohhhh boy, it’s a crazy opening, with booming sounds from the sky above !!!

Here’s ya ride

Today, Globalconnection will be doing a live video event via Youtube, where Nasa will attempt to land a rover on the treacherous environment of Mars.

Spaceline Junkiez kicks off at 12pm SLT | 8pm GMT to celebrate this occasion, and witness a great moment in our history to be.

SL Viewer required to attend the event, click this link to catch a ride, or watch the live stream below

You can tune in right here


The event went very well, and the landing was a success. The livestream sadly had a couple of tracks that are licensed by Ingrooves who disallow their content to be used on youtube, by a non license holder. For that reason the video is blocked worldwide. The tracks that are in violation of copyright are in the process of being removed. the video will eventually be public in good time.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

The Enigma is now Live…

At omni – random !!!

Sick , filthy beats for your listening pleasure 😀

Here’s your ride (second life compatible viewer, required)

Dieletric Octopus is doing some mad mixing right now !!! Holy Shit, come check it out !!

Tune IN !!!

Globalconnection is proud to announce that it will now be showcasing the SWU Bunker events, via our website !!

Check the schedule for upcoming SWU Bunker events, there’s gonna be lots of them, a big thank you to SWU, for giving us this honour 🙂

Yours truly Hattori Hamzo, is gonna go live right now, do some freestyling, won’t be anything special, but if you is interested in me making a fool of myself, then hit the hamzo button on the right, going live real soon

S.W.U Bunker, are exploring the Metaverse once again, and they are returning to our home sim of omni-random !!!

Tune in via right here

We looking forward to seeing you in just under 5 mins time

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