Globalconnection is primarily a Second Life non-profit organisation. We now have a base of operations, for our DJ’s to hang out, relax, and just have a good time. We are not interested in the promotion of the sim itself, our main goal is always to support DJ’s with the tools they need to help them get along in their djing activities.

We also have an open stage for our DJ’s to use, however, anyone can use the open stage system if they need to practise, or DJ to others. Please be wary though, as the sim is a Homestead, and can only hold a maximum of 25 people at one time. If you do use the open stage, it can only be for small gatherings.

We also have The Recalcitrante Chillroom Gallery which is designed, built and maintained by I am Free…

All correspondence should be directed to her if you have any queries or questions related to her gallery.

We also home sn0wKat’s Neko Lounge, if you have any queries related to the Neko Lounge, please feel free to contact me directly – ven0mEX

We also have this spot called the K-Dome (the K stands for Kraken, which is part of our mascot, the other part being our trademark skull) This will be mostly eye candy, but our friends and fam are welcome to use this if they wanna do a mini-event.

To finalise things, there’s is also a teleport system on the sim, which will take you anywhere you wish to go, to simplify the traversal of the sim itself.