Here’s a quick guide on how to configure B.U.T.T. to display your music’s metadata to a Shoutcast or Icecast server. We’ll list the procedure with steps, and illustrations, so let’s get the ball rolling.

1. Firstly open the application, and click on the settings

Settings is above hide log.

You’ll now see this screen

You’ll notice that Stream Infos is greyed out, we have to ADD our stream infos.

2. Make sure you have the appropriate server selected, then click on the ADD button below stream Infos, to be greeted with this screen.

3. In the name field, fill out what you would like your listeners to see when you are live. For example, I usually have “ven0mEX is now live!” Usually keeping it simple helps a lot, as too much text can be a bit spammy in the player, or Second Lifes local chat, however, it’s totally up to you what you put there.

In the description, you can put a brief sentence of your musical direction, and what you are part of music-wise. For example, I DJ for the Globalconnection, so I would put something like that, but again, it’s totally up to you what you put there, there’s no system you need to follow, so to speak.

Genre is what you spin, I try to keep mine on mixed styles, so I can spin more or less what I want, without having genre questions thrown at me. URL is a web address that you represent, or are a part of, mine would be

ICQ I believe is now defunct, but if not, put your ICQ number there. IRC is also a very old skool communications system but still used in modern platforms such as If you happen to be part of an IRC community, you can put the server URL there.

AIM is AOL’s instant messenger, I am unsure if this is still a thing, but it’s prob not, but I stand corrected if this is not the case, so feel free to put your AIM nickname there too.

Lastly, only tick make server public, if you have generated an authhash with your SHOUTcast account. I strongly don’t recommend ticking this anyway, if you stream above 128kbs with a freemium account, you’ll be disconnected regular, as you need shoutcasts premium account to stream publically above 128kbps.

Leave this unticked, if you don’t have an authhash and/or premium.

OK now hit the add button, and you’ll be returned to this screen

3. The last step is to save your changes, so hit the save button under the Configuration area of the above screenshot, and you are done.

4. When you go live, you will now see your added Infos display in local chat, via the SHOUTcast public web page or any player you might be using.

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems with the above procedure.