Was a great show from Noize Index, thanks again for the sounds, and the visuals, and hope there will be more to follow in the not too distant future.

If you were unable to check it out, then fear not, the VOD is right here https://youtu.be/7vZbuvIhA7s?t=1370… Noize Index serving DB, since 2011!

Whew, after two days of solid editing, I can finally reveal the latest video for Globalconnection’s #YouTube channel.@ewinmc “The Octocat” debuts in her 1st video, Just WeWp It!

The audio is untouched, but the visuals added etc. Enjoy

After two days of solid editing, I am relieved to say that the latest video project for the #Globalconnection is now complete!!

Very hyped to see how this turns out, over the next few days the video should appear on #YouTube. Here’s a teaser image while the video processes.

For the dawn of time, the ppl they say, the filth master was the one who could ignite the flame of intensity, and broadcast it through the metaverse… Many have wondered where the filth master has been, some say, he is gone, gone for good. Defeated by the evil lord Orac!!

How wrong, they are, they are all wrong, for 2nite…… The Filth master …. RETURNS!!!!!

He be live right now —> click enigma for tuna, or come get some http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Globalconnection/64/132/25

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