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Big Big Modular event coming up, featuring our good friend Analog Monoxide !! Over 24 hours of that real good Modular sound coming your way 🙂

The S.W.U. Bunker is open for Business, serving up a veritable feast of Tuna

DJ Sever Returns after 9 year hiatus. RL Birthday Party !!!

All going down at omni random (circle A)

Come Get yo TaxI

The party is about to kick off in 10 mins time. If you are curious on what the adrenalin line is gonna sound like, then click the playlist below….

Globalconnection be representing Deep Oyster’s Friday Party Night, with kaori, and Dielectric Octopus laying the audible smack down! Also featuring DJ Maddison, DJ Khaos Republic, and DJ Nikki !!

9th of April is when it all goes down, from 14:30 SLT (Pacific Time) to 22:00 SLT. We will also be filming this event for our Globalconnection YouTube channel!! See you all there.

Click HERE, to catch your ride

Dieletric Octopus is working miracles again with some real classy stuffs

Grab a Ride

If you can’t make it, hit the link on the right , to hear from this very website

(featured image, is our awesome friend, Tuna Cat, who is the owner of Tuna Cats)

Sounds Turner is spinning some tracks live at Omni Random !!

(Second Life Compliant viewer required)

Dielectric Octopus is live at Omni Random’s circle stage

And ohhhh boy, it’s a crazy opening, with booming sounds from the sky above !!!

Here’s ya ride

Today, Globalconnection will be doing a live video event via Youtube, where Nasa will attempt to land a rover on the treacherous environment of Mars.

Spaceline Junkiez kicks off at 12pm SLT | 8pm GMT to celebrate this occasion, and witness a great moment in our history to be.

SL Viewer required to attend the event, click this link to catch a ride, or watch the live stream below

You can tune in right here

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