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New update to the globalconnection roster… I am excited to announce that Amy Orange has joined globalconnection as of today !!! Amy brings an exciting blend of electronic music that is sure to lift your spirits to a much higher level.

Amy it’s great to have you on board with us !!

Yep, that’s right. It’s been a while since one was released, and finally episode 2 hit’s the virtual shelves !!

I have the honour of interviewing the incredibly talented Proem and Lowkeydoom, who always put up incredible music entertainment for the masses.

I take the opportunity to find out more about them, check out what they got coming up!

It’s happening right now, no time to explain !!! hhehe, come get some !

Dark and Hard techno, Evol style

THis is your transport See ya there 😀

It happened, our first podcast was launched today via soundcloud. I get the chance to chat with Denard Henry of the SWU Bunker, getting to know the in’s and outs of how SWU works, and many other projects Denard and Jana have done lately. You can find the podcast here

Amyorange is BACK !!! at the Second Life Parade !!!

Plenty of room left on the sim. Here’s your ride

Or if you can’t make it, you can tune in directly, right here

After a great start to Dj Sever’s return on her birthday, the crowd wanted more, and more , and MORE !!

So Dj Sever returns once again, this Saturday , to the virtual world of Second Life, at the Deep Oyster , 9 till 10 SLT (second life time)

Your taxi awaits you, Click here

kaori is back in action tomorrow, at the visually splendid Black Pearl club. kaori is raring to go, after a lil break from djing, so expect much awesome techno to come to your sound system !

Here’s your limo/taxi/url/clicky thing 🙂

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