enigma contemplates filthy #tuna… Will it be a yay? Or a Nay?

Hmmm pop by, and let’s see https://bit.ly/gc_stacks

Or you can listen directly (if the #tuna drops) https://bit.ly/GC_Nigma

Enigma of #SecondLife is setting up for an onslaught of filthy tuna right now. Armed with a permanent license for #VDJ The son of Cthulu has definitely returned, and for good! Your ride

Here’s your ride to the #SkySuite -> https://bit.ly/GC_skysuite

Or Tune in direct via the player to your right, click Enigma for hellfire!!

The title is a lie, she’ll be back hehe

@ewinmc treats us all to one last set before she goes into underwater hibernation (she’s an #Octocat, what can I say?) Here’s your ride – TAXI

Or choon in via the player to your right, hit Erin for WeWpy tuna!!(don’t literally hit her, just play the music)

5NWCR5H spinning some new techno beats for you at #Betamax in Second Life. Here’s your trip to techno heaven

https://bit.ly/betamax_SL Or, if you can’t make it, or don’t have a#SecondLife, you can tune in via the homepage, click 5NWCR5H on the player to your right 🙂

Whew, after two days of solid editing, I can finally reveal the latest video for Globalconnection’s #YouTube channel.@ewinmc “The Octocat” debuts in her 1st video, Just WeWp It!

The audio is untouched, but the visuals added etc. Enjoy

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