#OctoNinjaCat engages the #ZFG mechanism, to deliver you some of the highest quality tuna (ZFG is Zero Fooks Given, hence the AO override on here)

Here are the links you need!!!! 💪

ride to venue 🚕https://bit.ly/GC_SkySuitev4
or tune in directly with the player to your right, click octocat, for octotuna!


Enigma is feeling some late night vibing, the decks are loaded and ready to rumble. The Enigma is now live!!

here’s a ride 🚗https://bit.ly/gc_stacks
or tune in direct, via the player to your right, click enigma 🙂

@ewinmc la #octocat has discovered more tuna and would like to present it all to you, in the most famous way she can think of.!! The following links will aid you

To join us, click this link 🎉https://bit.ly/GC_SkySuitev4
To tune in directly, click Octocat on the player to your right —>

@ewinmc aka Octocat, is now in session spinning some real tasty good #Tuna

The following two links will aid you in your quest for #Music

To join us, click this link 🔗https://bit.ly/GC_SkySuitev4
To tune in , click octocat on the player to your right —->

See you there!

New GC Dj, Jessica Von Artful takes to the stage at her club, to start a snowball of intense techno sounds, starting off light, and working up to an insane bpm fest!! Are you ready!!!

Come join us 🚕https://bit.ly/la_bombaSL

Or tune in direct, to the player to your right. Click artful for hard, fast, intense techno!

Enigma is taking the decks at the #SkySuite v4. He is pondering some Drum and Bass sounds, and going live right now, Here’s a link to the venue – https://bit.ly/GC_SkySuitev4

Or tune in directly via the player to your right —>

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