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After a great start to Dj Sever’s return on her birthday, the crowd wanted more, and more , and MORE !!

So Dj Sever returns once again, this Saturday , to the virtual world of Second Life, at the Deep Oyster , 9 till 10 SLT (second life time)

Your taxi awaits you, Click here

kaori is back in action tomorrow, at the visually splendid Black Pearl club. kaori is raring to go, after a lil break from djing, so expect much awesome techno to come to your sound system !

Here’s your limo/taxi/url/clicky thing 🙂

The event was spectacular and was oozing full of talent, and everyone had a great time. Big respects to the organisers of the event, your hard work paid off beautifully. Big thank you to all the synthesists who took part, with your mind blowing talent.

Here’s Analog Monoxide doing his magic at the event, and a great interview too . Enjoy 🙂

Digitek had to come to an end sadly, but fear not, the peoples over at SWU captured the whole thing for prosperity !! This is it here, in its entirety. A big thank you to all that were involved in making this a very special night in the metaverse. Enjoy the sounds of Digitek.


Omni Random, Hangar


D I G I T E K╾╾╾╾◖ Sonic Warriors United � Landmark

Live Hybrid Dj sets and Live Music Performers

10am – 12pm slt – SoundZPulse – DJ

12pm – 1pm slt – Misch Lameth – Live Music Performer

1pm -2pm slt – Echo Starship – Live Music Performer

2pm – 3pm slt – 은지 DD – Live Music Performer

3pm – 5pm slt – Jana Clemen – Dj

5pm – 7pm slt – Denard Henry – Dj

7pm – 9pm slt – Dielectric Octopus – Dj

Spread the word, see ya’ soon ☮

╾╾╾╾◖ Nev-a-mis-a-beat: We broadcast / archive our (SL ⊡ RL) events on the S.W.U. Bunker Twitch site

Thank you for your support, and greetings from the Sonic Warriors United / Omni Random crew!

Big Big Modular event coming up, featuring our good friend Analog Monoxide !! Over 24 hours of that real good Modular sound coming your way 🙂

The S.W.U. Bunker is open for Business, serving up a veritable feast of Tuna

DJ Sever Returns after 9 year hiatus. RL Birthday Party !!!

All going down at omni random (circle A)

Come Get yo TaxI

The party is about to kick off in 10 mins time. If you are curious on what the adrenalin line is gonna sound like, then click the playlist below….

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