We’re getting a lot of sweet people step up to the plate and help out the cause that is Globalconnection, and music in virtual worlds. We keep striving to bridge that gap to get ppl recognised in worlds outside of our virtual one, aka Second Life.

So much so, we now have two people taking care of social media duties (Flickr mostly)and graphic design!

Nellie Wilde is now responsible for the handling of artwork, and similar stuffs (well Nellie has just done things without me asking, and that is just awesome if you ask me)

Erin Eni, who already DJ’s for Globalconnection, has also wanted to help with social media management , which for now, is administration through Flickr.

I can’t thank you both enough for what you are doing behind the scenes 😀 A big big warm welcome to our latest support members, Nellie and Erin 🙂

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