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Today, Globalconnection will be doing a live video event via Youtube, where Nasa will attempt to land a rover on the treacherous environment of Mars.

Spaceline Junkiez kicks off at 12pm SLT | 8pm GMT to celebrate this occasion, and witness a great moment in our history to be.

SL Viewer required to attend the event, click this link to catch a ride, or watch the live stream below

You can tune in right here


The event went very well, and the landing was a success. The livestream sadly had a couple of tracks that are licensed by Ingrooves who disallow their content to be used on youtube, by a non license holder. For that reason the video is blocked worldwide. The tracks that are in violation of copyright are in the process of being removed. the video will eventually be public in good time.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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